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The Strategic Synthesizer

You Specify, We Synthesize.

Our AI solution is a cloud-based autonomous mission planner that takes your mission objective(s) and safety specifications to produce safe, executable strategies for each unmanned and manned vehicle. Below are selected mission examples from our vast mission portfolio.


Urban Air Mobility

Our product enables decentralized vertihub air traffic management that guarantees safe performance by accounting for regulatory requirements and preferences from neighboring verithubs.

Video by the Autonomous Systems Group at UT Austin.


Loyal Wingman

Multiple UAVs are tasked with protecting a manned aircraft. During deployment, our mission planner autonomously updates the mission plan for each UAV to react to approaching adversaries.


Autonomous Patrolling

A UAV agent is tasked with patrolling an area while minimizing the predictability of the taken flight paths to throw off potential adversaries. Our product comes up with an appropriate mission plan on the fly.

Video by the Autonomous Systems Group at UT Austin.


Autonomous Surveillance

A ground vehicle is tasked with surveilling an adversarial vehicle while still accounting for constrained resources and restricted communication. Our product is hardware agnostic and outputs an appropriate mission plan to the ground vehicle.

Video by the Autonomous Systems Group at UT Austin.

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