Robustify Your Supply Chain

Receive a holistic view of your supply chain operations and mitigate real-time disturbances before they result in disruptions with Multi AI's end-to-end visibility and decision-support platform.

Trusted by the US Air Force and others.

Anticipate, Analyze, and Mitigate

A must-have planning tool for supply chain managers in manufacturing and retail to harmonize production, inventory, and transportation management with demand fluctuations and supply chain disturbances.

Master Plan Optimization

Multi AI’s platform provides a holistic overview of your day-to-day supply chain operations with agent-based digital twin technology that is intuitive to use and can run thousands of AI-enhanced what-if scenarios, allowing you to adjust master plans for production, inventory, and transportation based on the latest supply chain dynamics.

<span>Master Plan <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">Optimization</span></span>

Disturbance Mitigation

Multi AI’s all-in-one platform overlays real-time disturbances, such as port delays, bad weather, and traffic congestion, on your simulated supply chain operating picture, so you can assess how even minor disturbances can result in major disruptions. Additionally, you can input custom disturbances unique to your operations and use AI-enhanced decision support to find mitigation strategies within hours rather than days.

<span>Disturbance <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">Mitigation</span></span>

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Multi AI's platform is a collaborative planning tool that fuses heterogeneous data from your internal IT systems, such as TMS and ERP systems, with external data sources, such as carrier rates, into one common operating picture, promoting cross-departmental collaboration and regular performance reviews of your supply chain based on user-defined KPIs.

<span>Cross-Departmental <span style="color:rgb(var(--color-primary))">Collaboration</span></span>

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Multi AI is committed to empowering you with the most intuitive supply chain tool that drastically increases your operation's visibility and reaction capabilities to supply chain disruptions. Contact us to learn more! - Dr. Alexander Nettekoven, CEO @ Multi AI